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MOLYBoard launched a new model of infrared interactive whiteboard---with ten point writing and 32 point touch.
Beijing, November 6, 2013-- Beijing Moly Technology Co., Ltd announced that new R&D IR-9000 series product comes out, it supports six point writing& ten point touch and ten point writing&32 point touch in the same time. We are always on the way to be better.
Upcoming Market Introduction of ThinkPen Remote Intelligen
ThinkPenTM, a proprietary patent of Moly, is developed on the basis of industry-leading remote intelligent pen technologies and is characterized by wireless remote and intelligent control. In addition to writing on the whiteboard, you can also operate and control the computer at faraway distances, …
Market Introduction of thinkBoard Sensitive Whiteboards
Congratulations to the successful launching of THINKBoardTM sensitive whiteboards that is PS-6000 to the market. PS-6000 series sensitive whiteboards provide large interactive touch-screen systems solely designed for business meetings, industry application, and lecture rooms. By connecting the THI…
Successful R&D of Movable and Elevatable Brackets
Moly has successfully developed hand movable or electronically elevatable brackets that can be easily moved and elevated. You can easily and freely adjust the position and height of the whiteboard.
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