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As a perfect combination of the traditional teaching method and modern multimedia teaching facility, MOLYBoard interactive whiteboard is the good teaching assistant tool in the world. With the mouse and chalks replaced by hands or any blunt object, a teacher can directly operate the computer on the MOLYBoard whiteboard. The teacher can make annotations on any computer interface, and draw various geometrical diagrams and physics or chemistry experiment diagrams. Thanks to the interactive whiteboard, the teacher can complement and perfect the slides at his/her will and bring out into play the inspiration and innovation (that can be stored and used later), which enhances the teaching enthusiasm and quality to a higher level. In addition, the teacher can make comprehensive use of words, pictures, videos, sound, music, and self-made demonstration systems to show course contents to students in a vivid and authentic manner. This strengthens the interaction and emotional communication between teachers and students, deepens students’ comprehension, and inspires student interest and thirst for knowledge. Learning no longer poses a headache to students. Compared with traditional teaching assistant tools, MOLYBoard interactive whiteboard can make teaching yield twice the result with half the effort.


MOLYBoard whiteboard is compatible with almost all third party software. Whatever teaching software is in use, MOLYBoard can always maximize the functions of the software and achieve an effect much better than that in the absence of MOLYBoard.


If MOLYPen and MOLYBoard are used together, the effect is even better. The teacher can interact with students in the front of the whiteboard, and walk freely in the classroom. During interaction with students, the teacher can also control the computer remotely to achieve the optimal teaching effect.


MOLYBoard interactive whiteboard is applicable to common classroom teaching, multimedia classroom teaching, discussion and research of teaching courseware, conference room, large-scale teaching environment like lecture rooms, and sports & entertainment activities.

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