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Solution background


In Modern education activities, teachers' own self-feedback learning and teachers' interactive learning play a significant role in the optimization of education. The process of education is not only a simple process of knowledge of  teaching and preaching, but the teaching and learning themselves are a process of knowledge recreation and re-processing. The teachers' face-to-face process is the core task of education. There are three indispensable key points in the education's core task: first, to realize the informatization of face-to-face process;  to realize the informatization of teacher-student interaction: to realize the informatization of the normalization of the teaching activities. To complete the recording of high-quality lesson aiming at the teachers' activities is the current trend of education.


Products Introduction


Moly Whiteboard

Moly company has introduced the MOLYBoard Touch Sensitive PS-9000 series, MOLYBoard infrared IR-8000 series, MOLYBoard Electromagnetic PM-8000 series. Whiteboard products provide teachers with an interactive platform which enable teachers and students to have a perfect interactive operation

MOLYPad wireless tablet

It completely got rid of the cable's tie between the tablet and the computer , users can easily achieve long-range painting. Along

with the natural creation, the user can perfectly realize the creative dream. Have the a wide effective range, can remote control the computer. There is a  15 - 50 m distance between computers and tablet.

MOLYVote system

MOLYVote feedback system is a new generation of interactive teaching system which effectively integrate courseware design with the immediate feedback evaluation. Acting as the core products of the discuss part in the MOLY science digital class, each student has a feedback answer machine, can answer the question of the teachers, and teachers can immediately know and statistics the result of evaluation from each student, and then adjust the teaching progress at any time so that realize the dream of teaching students according to their aptitude.


The system can achieve real-time teacher-student interaction and entertaining, is a technologically advanced, easy to use, powerful, and statistics accurate and reliable and secure teaching system.


MOLYstudio master MOLYRec

The MOLYStudio master MOLYRec is a simple, easy-to-use and high-definition program real-time recording system. It can be easily record audio and video , speech in the teaching scene and other content for the integration of third screen courseware and do the real-time broadcast, the recording operation is completely automated. Recorded courseware documents with small size, good sound quality and clear picture, is the best partner of the school accumulation curriculum resources.

Solution advantages


1. Professional teaching interactive hardware and software to enable teachers to set up all aspects of teaching; enable teachers to maximize their talents to ensure that classroom content is rich and interactive; Improve the efficiency of classroom, deepen the knowledge and raise capacities.


2. Effectively record teachers activities and students activities into the courseware for teachers themselves and colleagues' learning; enable teachers to produce high-quality courseware and to show themselves in a larger platform.

Product Overview
· IO-8000 series
· IO-9000 series
·IR-9000 series
·IR-8000 for kindergarten
·IO-9000C series for kindergarten
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