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Maintenance Methods for Whiteboard and Accessory
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The board is the main part of whiteboard and the important part for display. Daily maintenance and cleaning is very important for it.
Interactive whiteboard is one of the modern classroom teaching tools. By connecting with the PC and the projector, teachers can project their lecture on the screen .At the same time, with the support of the special applications, the content written on the whiteboard and the pc will display synchronously. All of these can constitute an interactive teaching environment.
Unfortunately, some teachers can not enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought by interactive whiteboard. They often complain the whiteboard’s "uncooperative" behavior, including that the indicate light does not work, the whiteboard issues a buzzing sound and the writing can’t be completely removed.
In fact, if you go the right method, it will be very helpful for you to use.
The maintenance of whiteboard
Anything can not be contacted with the board surface during use, or it may cause the problem that some writing on the whiteboard cannot be recorded. If contacted with the magnet, it will issue a "buzzing" sound, affecting the normal use of the whiteboard.
The whiteboard uses the high-quality and durable materials, so it is difficult to cause breakage, but you must avoid using sharp objects (such as knives, sharp nails, etc.) to cut the board.
Generally, it is difficult to clean if we let the writing stay on the board for a long time. When using the whiteboard, do not write with oily brushes, if it happens, please wipe the board with the cotton wool dipped in alcohol.
In order to ensure a good display results, the board need to be cleaned often. If you use the whiteboard frequently, please clean it once a week, this will maintain the best resolution.
Before cleaning the whiteboard, you have to exit the system.If the computer is in another state (for example, a program to open or on the desktop), when you touch the screen, it will activate the program and mess up the icon. After exit the system, you make the projector into standby mode; this will let the boards show the stains and streaks more easily. When moving the board, please do not touch and wipe it.
In general, it just need a soft cloth to clean the board, Do not scrub the screen with a dry cloth which may cause electrostatic charge, Wring out your damp clothes when wipe the board. you also can use non - abrasive denatured alcohol and glass cleaner.Special whiteboard cleaner can achieve better cleaning results. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can spray the cleaner to the board, and then clean it with paper.
To remove marks left by permanent marker pen, the first type is to cover them completely with a special marker pen ink., then erase with a soft cloth, the ink contains solvent which can dissolve permanent ink.If the original permanent ink marks still remain, you can spray glass cleaner and whiteboard cleaner to this area, and then wipe them.
When you wipe the dirt, please do not use thinner or volatile oil to wipe whiteboard writing surface, or the writing surface may be discolored or damaged. Besides, the furniture cleaner also cannot be used, because it may cause the contents cannot be erased. Please clean the whiteboard according to the instructions.
The maintenance of electronic pen and eraser
If you use the electronic pen and eraser by a wrong way, the content written on the whiteboard cannot be displayed. How should we use it by a right way?
Inappropriate use for electronic pen will shorten its service life, the right way to charge is very important when using the electronic pen. First, we need to discharge completely, then charge more than12hours in the first three times. In the coming time, when charge the electronic pen, do not make it repeatedly, please finish it in one time. This can ensure the display of the writing and extend the service life of electronic pen.
In addition, please put the pen in the pen rack and do not connect it with the wire when you do not use it.
Maintenance of other accessories
To ensure the normal operation of whiteboard, whiteboard printer, pressureroller, feed roller, eraser and other accessories also need regular cleaning.Before cleaning, please make sure that the power is turned off and has been unplugged.
Printer's head can be gently scrubbed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.Do not touch the printer's head with your fingers, or it may cause the printer doesn’t work properly.
Cleaning for pressure roller and feed roller: Wet the soft cloth with a neutral cleansing agent diluted with water, wring it, then wipe the dust or dirt on the pressure roller and feed roller. If it still cannot be removed, you can use the cloth dipped in alcohol.

The board is the main part of whiteboard and the important part for display. Daily maintenance and cleaning is very important for it.

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