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Practical Applications
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Practical Applications

Convey Your Message Clearly and Memorably with a Moly Interactive Whiteboard
In the Office
Moly interactive whiteboard revolutionises business communication. The large screen, superb image quality, and high-quality audio make it seem as if everyone is in the same room. When using it in a videoconferencing system, you can seamlessly connect head and branch offices, so that virtual meetings become real meetings.
At Presentations
An interactive whiteboard is an indispensable tool for powerful and effective presentations and brainstorming sessions. And thanks to connectivity with a Moly MFP or a PC, information and images from the whiteboard can be sent, saved, printed out, and expanded on, making this a tool for faster, smoother communication.
At Conferences
An interactive whiteboard can turn time- and money-consuming conferences into smooth-running and cost-effective videoconferences. All participants, no matter where they are, can interact by writing on shared screen images in real time. It’s just like having everyone at a meeting—but without the wasted time and expenses.
A Moly interactive whiteboard in the classroom or office opens up a whole new world of education or business possibilities. Connectivity allows the teacher to incorporate video and online content into the lesson. Displaying it on a big, powerful screen ensures that all student eyes are front and centre.
In Schools
Timesaving and versatile, Moly interactive whiteboards enable students to stay focused and teachers to perform more effectively. The teacher can emphasize points by enlarging them on the screen, and by supporting them with crystal-clear photos and other images. Meanwhile, students make this a truly interactive whiteboard system by using tablet PCs to give their own input to the lesson.

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