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Moly Whiteboards are the interactive whiteboards with the capability to be controlled with simple hand gestures and finger touch in addition to interactive stylus or lectronic pen. These whiteboards simplify communication with quick scrolling, zoom, positioning, and grouping of content on the board with the help of fingers. The advanced interactive boards visualize instructions in meaningful formats and support learning with intuitive capabilities, such as:


Handwriting Recognition

The MOLYBoard software recognizes handwritten content onto the board, interprets it using optical intelligent, and converts it into digital files consisting of most conceivable words and sentences as written on the whiteboard. The ability empowers instructors to represent and save dynamic digital version of the handwritten text. The most common elements of the handwriting recognition applications include:

  • Interactive Electronic Pen or Stylus with colored or black Ink to write with on the Moly board or digital slate.
  • Integrated output display with complete touch sensitive active writing area.
  • To convert manual strokes into digital files, software applications are used to monitor and interpret movement of interactive stylus or Ink Pen on the output screen surface.

Integration with VGA devices

The Moly interactive smart whiteboard connects seamlessly with VGA out devices such as document cameras, Bluetooth tablets, multimedia projectors, and other video-out units. Integration with VGA devices makes communication and presentations more effective, understandable, and engaging. It allows instructors or presenters to leverage videos, sounds, images, motion videos, animations, PDF documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint to be presented in classroom and press on winning lecture delivery.


Quick Annotations

Moly Smart Boards support quick annotations from brief highlights to complete text notes associated with videos, images, and documents. Perfect for classrooms, these annotations can be comments marked to a presentation, a summary of the chapter or topic covered during the lecture, highlighted text or images in different colors, or just simple underlines. Quick annotations make extensive topics and multifaceted subjects comprehensible and easier to retain.

One-click Recording

It is simple recording of the whiteboard content, smart writings, and annotations done on the content. The one-click recording feature records Moly board presentations as it is complete or in the form of snippets and can be used to deliver these courses to the students for revision and review.

Easy-to-use Interface

Since Moly whiteboards are finished with rich and automated features, intuitive LCD Display or User Panels are made available to make operations easier and faster. The control panel offers touch sensitive controlling of the board operations and security. Beside these innovative features, Moly whiteboards are made with sturdiest material for screen or panel and elegant frames to fit into the corporate infrastructure or classrooms.

Moly Whiteboards vs. Traditional Whiteboards

Here is how Moly Whiteboards are different from traditional whiteboards:

Moly Whiteboards

  • Interactive – Two way communication
  • Student Centric Lecture Delivery
  • Touch sensitive
  • Completely automated
  • Less Resource and time utilization
  • Electronic Free surface
  • Multiple user interface

Traditional Whiteboards

  • Monolith – One Way communication
  • Content Centric content delivery
  • No Sensitive screens or surface
  • Minimum Automation
  • More resource and time utilization
  • Entirely free of electronics

Single user interface

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