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All series products of MOLYBaby shines on the 70th China Educational Equipment Exhibition
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All series products of MOLYBaby shines on the 70th China Educational Equipment Exhibition


70th China Educational Equipment Exhibition will be held in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province from 6th May to 10th May. At that time, all companies specializing in producing educational equipments will come along way here to attend this show. This will be visual feast which will display the new achievementsnew technology and new products in the fields of educational equipments. MOLY will bring all series of MOLYBaby interactive whiteboards and newest product---10 points touch optical interactive whiteboard, shinning in this show.

MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard have the following types for your choices; orange color frame interactive whiteboard and green color frame interactive whiteboard. Besides the shortcut keys for MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard is in a large size and easy to operate, the shortcut keys are with cartoon colors, so that all Children will love the MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard. What’s more, MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard will be equipped with MOLYBaby software free of charge. The icon of MOLYBaby is adopted a cute face of child as a symbol of kindergarten education software. The function keys inside MOLYBaby are adopted cartoons pictures as UI, such as balloons, polo shirt and diary books etc. Users can customize their function keys according to their favors. Meanwhile, MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard software provide a lot of abundant teaching resources for kindergarten education. MOLY’s aim is let MOLYBaby  become a simple and interesting software specially for kindergarten education.

MOLY focus on kindergarten education’s development very much, after the 70th China Educational Equipment Exhibition, MOLY has to come back to Beijing immediately for the 18th Beijing International Toys & Preschool Tools Exhibition. MOLY will show the newest product—MOLYBaby interactive whiteboard to the audience. MOLY will make a little contribution to the kindergarten education.

Except kindergarten education market, MOLY has another newest breakthrough---10 points touch optical interactive whiteboard in the fields of general education. MOLYBoard optical interactive whiteboard has the features that is easy to do the maintenances and prevent interference from the dusts etc. Previously optical interactive whiteboard only had 2 points and 4 points touch, but MOLYBoard optical interactive whiteboard has 10 points touch. This breakthrough is unprecedented in the history of interactive whiteboard development. MOLYBoard will lead the fields of interactive whiteboard to a new peak and push it into another new high level.

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